Swiss Journalists in the National Assembly of Serbia

First of  all, it is great honour and pleasure for me to be in your company today. I am highly grateful for the UNDP invitation  to attend this meeting, this gathering.
At the beginning,let me introduce myself – My name is Olgica Batic. I am the president of  Christian-Democratic Party of Serbia and member of

Parliament,which was constituted last week.I had been,also,member of Parliament in last session (in last term),when  national GOPAC’s branch  was established,and which I am deputy.
A matter of special attention  is  establishment  of the national  branch of GOPAC,last year,when we immediately began with its work and operation.The easisest issue is bringing decision on the Establishment,but we have also adopted working program which we accept and fully comply.
Until now, four worksophs were held,both with political actors,and representatives of independent state authorities,ie (or) representatives of independent regulatory bodies,which in the end,is always a last defense of a society.
Corruption is not a huge problem that exists since yesterday.We have faced with this issue,for many years,and  today, unfortunetaly,corruption pervades every part of society,and not only of our society.Corruption is a problem on a global level,and exist in almost every area-in the health care,education,justice,economy etc…
Establishment of our national branch,was met,with i can freely say,great delight and enthusiasm among the all Parliament’s members and they showed  willingness and desire to give their contribution in the fight against corruption.Accessing and membership in the our, national GOPAC branch is free and open for each Member of Parliament,who wants to contribute, to work and to offer new proposals.
Thereby,in this fight,we are all on the same side (on the same team),we do not share on the members of the Government and the opposition,and I think,that only in such way,we can contribute to a genuine fight against corruption.
Thanks to the UNDP,we had chance and opportunity to go on a study visit to our neighbor,Slovenia,where we have analyzed and examined their methods (their ways) of fighting corruption,which,as we concluded,very transparent and efficient.
On the one hand,we have the National Assemby,the highest legislative body,that performs a control function of Government as executive authority.One of the Committe of the Assembly is the Committee for national Budget,as a catalyst for rational spending (expenditure) of funds anticipated (projected) within  parliamantary budget.
On the other hand,we have Anti-Corruption Agency,as an independent regulatory body,whose powers and responsibilities are regulated by the Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency.Thus,for example,every state officials are obliged to report all their property,assets and personal income to the Anti-Corruption Agency and is directly responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data.If  any individual do not act accordingly with that,the Agency has right to iniciate misdemeanor proceedings or proposing initiation of criminal proceedings.
I think that particularly strong control must be established in the public procurement system.Thus,for example, in Slovenia,exist a system where the transparency of their Anti-Corruption Cimmission is extremely high.This is done by connecting a kind of data published on the Website of the Agency for Business Registers,where,for example,one can see how much is the initial capital of the company,on the same website aforementioned Commission all information are available-regarding  exact number of public procurement,carried out by certain Ministry,highest bidder (best supplier) and ultimately,how they spend taxpayers money.
In all this,we must not ignore the role of the National Bank,as the highest monetary authority of tht country.
I think that main tas of our GOPAC branch is attempt to establish cooperation  between all these factors,because only in these way,GOPAC can accomplish its goal,which had initially appointed to organization.
Of course,all our efforts,would have remained just  the effort if we did not have the support of UNDP  which wholeheartedly, provide us logistical,financial  and technical support,every time.This has been invaluable,and such cooperation,that has proved to be very good and successful,should be continued.After all,good practice should not be changed.
And in the end,as John Vilijals,GOPAC fonuder,said Make small steps to achieve big results.
                 Thank you very much    
In Belgrade, 23.04.2014.