Говор директора ДХСС на самиту СИМ НАТО

Dear and respected guests,
My name is Cedomir Stojkovic and I will greet you in the name of Christian Democratic Party of Serbia.

First of all, I would like to greet this event and congratulate the organizers on gathering this forum, because I think that it is very important for the personal development of each person, who took part in this event. I also think it is very important for the republic of Serbia itself, all though, I fear, it is not sufficiently recognized in the minds of political elite in Serbia. As a citizen of Republic of Serbia and the director of a parliamentary party in Serbia, I feel a particular responsibility to look back on the situation in Serbia and give my brief view of relations between Serbia and NATO.
I personally believe that Serbia should be in NATO. NATO needs us and we need NATO. In the Balkans live about sixty million of people on the geographical area of about a thousand kilometers. This area is divided into ten major nationalities living in ten countries. The Balkans is in geographical sense equally boarded with western culture, eastern culture and Muslim culture. In every state in Balkans are living Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Muslims, because of their influence on Balkans , from the history to nowadays, they are all even .Also, the Balkans are part of Europe , but also it is a bridge between Europe and Southwest Asia.
Serbia is in the center of that. Also, Serbia has cultural and political influence on some countries with that borders, because the Serbs live not only in Serbia, but also in other countries. Also, Serbia, together, with other countries of the former Yugoslavia makes a unique linguistic area.
All these are facts why NATO needs us.
Since Serbia is located in the center of this geopolitical environment, it can not stand alone. Serbia itself can not harmonize the strong influence of the three major cultures that it border, and if these impacts are not harmonized in certain historical periods they create chaos. People in Serbia have witnessed such chaotic conditions that have occurred in some historical periods.
 That is why Serbia needs NATO. After all, I personally think that for the same reason Serbia needs European Union. Serbia is not big or strong enough to be in collision of different cultures and influences, and because all of those reasons, it could not restore order witch civilization tends. The first step toward establishing of this order is to establish security. NATO structure can help us with that.
The chaos that is created in the security impacts in Serbia created every other kind of chaos, later on. In economics, energy, human rights and justice. So it happened that the country which was synonym for personal safety and social justice become very unstable area. In order never to have happened, that interweaving influence creates chaos in Serbia, Serbia must choose a key partner in the field of security with which it will cooperate in all other areas. I firmly believe that such a partner is NATO and the European Union combined. We, in the Christian Democratic Party of Serbia are today particularly happy that with the process of approaching the European Union, the chaos is becoming order.
I think that the responsibility that is now placed before the NATO is no different from those established April 4, 1949 and that is a constant struggle for peace. In the spirit of new global challenges when the Warsaw Pact no longer exists and when there is the constant threat of terrorism, I think it is of particular importance extension of the security system in such a way that will put more emphasis on small developing countries, because those are becoming terrorism base stations, and government in these countries usually do not have enough strength to resist them. So, I think that  in the NATO organization today, equal role in preventing terrorism should have both small and large countries, because it shows that the threat of terrorism does not depend crucially on the economic and military power of the State in which it arises. Serbia has recently had considerable experience in this area, and I think it is of particular importance to exchange these experiences with the NATO organization.
I believe that we are all here on the same mission. I believe that our goal is to change attitudes, beliefs and ideas, and like the others before us have, to set an example to others what cooperation really is and what dialogue can actually achieve.
Therefore, do not underestimate your role here today, because it is huge. You have a responsibility towards the future because, undoubtedly, the future will put before all of us the challenges that will be solved once through cooperation and sometimes through conflict with other nations. Therefore it is very important for young people to be prepared in advance of such work. Because everything that man is doing today is just training for the tasks that await him in the future. The man is a creative being. Regardless of whether it is the economy, security, of love or family - a true human happiness comes through creation.
If today, we manage to create symbiotic relationship of creativity, believe me, it will be the best example for all the skeptics regarding NATO. If such a symbiosis transfers in the future, all the global risks that each country faces will be much easier to overcome, and whether it is a crisis in Syria, global warming, and the Senkaku Islands- Diaoju, global terrorism, or issues of human rights.
It is true that mankind has in the last two centuries has made the greatest improvement, but was also true that the erroneous decisions were made in that period. Peace and stability that we have in Europe, we had to pay very dearly through two great wars. Since ancient times it transmits a saying that "peace is just a preparation for war." I strongly believe that it  is wrong and I choose to believe that "Peace is constant struggle against war." I choose to believe so because, as Winston Churchill said, "The greatest responsibility a man has is responsibility towards his own thought." Therefore, trust in your abilities and the power to change things.
I wish you responsible thoughts and magnificent work.
Thank you.