New GOPAC Chapter in Serbia

Legislators in Serbia took a stand against corruption on 30 May as they gathered at the National Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia for the official launch of GOPAC Serbia. As part of the meetings, the new members elected Zoran Babic as the Chair of the newly formed chapter. Mr. Babic was joined

on the executive by Vice-Chair Olgica Batic and Secretary Stefana Miladinovic.
The meeting was well attended and revealed a strong support for the new chapter. Serbian Speaker of Parliament, Nebojsa Stefanovic, spoke on corruption in Serbia and encouraged members to promote the laws and tools necessary for parliament to lead the fight against corruption.
In addition, William Infante, a representative from the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Serbia, was supportive of the new chapter and was encouraged that Serbia would now have a cohesive group of parliamentarians leading the fight.
GOPAC is encouraged by the growth of new chapters in the past month. We commend the new members for their commitment to not only fighting corruption but also to improving the lives of citizens in Serbia and around the world.